Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lessons Learned (Part 1)

I'm going to have several of these, over the course of my journey. So here is the first one.

1. If you need ANY kind of prescription meds and that script might/maybe expire while you are traveling - start the process at LEAST one month in advance. It will take that long, or more, to get insurance overrides and stupid pharmacies to play nice with filling a prescription early.

2. Compression sacks? While useful (especially if waterproof), do not compress much. Right now, I would guess maybe 10-15%? 

3. I absolutely love the "Small" sized dry sacks (non-compression). I've been using them to pack a full day's change of clothes in and stick in a larger bag - that way, I'll always have at least one fresh change of clothing.

4. I am absolutely certain that I am overpacking. I have no idea how to remedy that -- I mean, I could take less clothing (even right now, I'm at <1 outfit per day)... but if I get the *chance* to change and have fresh clothing... who wouldn't take it? 

5.  If anyone knows of a good way to pack trekking poles, please let me know -- I haven't figured it out yet!!

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