Sunday, December 15, 2013

T - 27 Days, Visiting the Neuro

At 27 days out, I think I have all of my gear. Now I need to focus on getting ME ready for the trip.

I've downloaded so many, many books and movies to take with me on the flight. I want to sit on top of the world and read for hours - even if it's just at the last camp. I want to soak in the amazing sun, no matter how cold it really is.

I asked my neurologist if my Parkinson's meds might be contraindicated with anti-malarials. He said he had no idea, and had to look it up. That no one had ever asked him that before. It made me realize - so many people with this disease are not *able* to make this trip.  And they would never, ever travel alone.

That prompted me to ask him - how long will I be able to work? And he said that everyone is different, and medicines are changing all the time, and that my symptoms are well-controlled by meds... but that the statistics say *no one* is working at 20 yrs after a diagnosis, and 60% are working at 10 years.

This is me. Hoping to break that record, and hoping for a cure or at least a better treatment in the next 20 years.

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