Friday, December 20, 2013

T - 20 days: Dresses

It's 90 degrees today in Zanzibar. Which is the closest big city that my Weather app will pull up.

That's hot, given that it's 25 or so here in Ohio right now.

With Parkinson's Disease, my body doesn't regulate temperatures very well.
Or, at all. It can be 8 degrees outside and I want to sleep with the windows open. Think menopause - that never seems to end, and probably won't. It's loads of fun.

I'm packing layers, and lots of light weight clothes that I can use on the early days of the trip. Because well, I get warm. A lot. Often too warm. And Kilimanjaro is at the equator!

I've acquired some flowy maxi dresses to wear at the beginning and end of the trip. Normally I'm not girly, but I'm looking forward to wearing them around town and exploring a bit. :)

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