Friday, December 27, 2013

T - 14 days. NOW, it's for real!!

I spent a good bit of yesterday laying out all of my gear, and trying to figure out how to smush all the things that I need into two small bags neither weighing more than 40lbs. Compression sacks and dry sacks are my best friends! I'm using compression sacks for the big things and dry sacks to put one full day of clothes in each -- that way, I can be certain I can pull out one full day's clothing and have it be dry, clean, together all at once. (I've been backpacking before, obviously, but I've always been pretty carefree about how I organized things other than the sleeping bag and mat).

I found out that I can leave a bag of traveling clothes to/from and other things with the hotel, so that's great news. I can pack a little differently now.

Now, it's crunch time. I'm having to count out and set up medications for the trip, knowing that it's within a time frame where if I need something refilled/ordered I better do it NOW!!

Oh, and did I mention I start a new job, in a new city, the Monday before I leave?!?
So I'm packing for that, too! and uh, I leave on that Friday?! 

The next month of my life is going to change my life forever. I'm ready -- I know I am -- but just thinking of where I'll be and what I'll be doing is a bit nerve-wrecking!!

I promise to keep this blog updated daily -- I just may not be able to post all the entries until I land back down in the world of wi-fi. But I am definitely going to write every day, read, and really take in and savor every second of this trip. It's the kind of trip that even those blessed enough to be able to do, probably only get the opportunity to do once in a lifetime.

And I want my friends, loved ones, wife and kids to be able to witness just a glimpse of what I see.

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