Sunday, December 29, 2013

T - 12 Days: Every time I think I have everything....

Last night, we went shopping for the 'final' final things: snacks, power bars, socks.

Every time I think I've got everything, I think of 4 or 5 more things I need.

Yesterday, I started putting things into dry sacks, to organize clothing by days, and to also just organize my bag. Being able to leave one bag at the hotel will be a HUGE help. I'm taking one of my brother's old Army duffel bags (which has been recommended to me by several bloggers), and that's somehow comforting to me.

I am still trying to figure out how I will get everything into my bags. And still be able to find things. Despite being a regular business traveler, packing has never been my strong suit -- I do have the business travel piece of it down finally. That only took 10 years or so.

Watching YouTube videos and reading blogs has been the most useful packing information I could have had -- several women have blogs out there about what to take, what you don't need, and what you cannot live without. For example, some things I've learned: pack candy for summit day, you'll need the sugar to get through the day. Sock liners? Yay or nay? So far, I'm going with nay. I expect that I will need to do some laundry at least once while I'm gone. "laundry" might be a little water and beating clothes on rocks!

How long can you stand the smell of your own self? Can you go multiple days without showers? How many days? My current, tested, limit is 3 days. And I can do that just fine. Now, while on a mountain trek? May be a completely different story.

Later today, I'm going to start actually putting all of my stuff into my backpacks. I'm going to take pics and document as much as I can with my shaky hands. :)

It's sleety and gross here today, and probably only around 30 degrees.

I'll be baking near the equator in 12 days. Got my SPF 85 yesterday!

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