Sunday, January 12, 2014

Addis ababa

So, the flights on Ethiopian airlines were perfect. Then came the airport.

First, no signs that tell you what gate to go to. Asking someone who is wearing a uniform gets you a rude reaction and maybe even an answer.

You can't access any of the shops without going outside of security!! No drInks for me! And really, all I wanted was water.

Instead of using preprinted boarding groups you have to go grt a sticker and that tells you when you get to board. Which worked fine at Dulles,  not so much here.  The flight before mine was running late and do the put 271 people on a couple of busses and it became a free for all.

I'm exhausted now and still without wifi so no way to check in with Deb.

Obviously I am not looking forward to seeing this airport again in like 11 days.

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