Sunday, January 5, 2014


Every few years, I do in fact get a chance to 'unplug' - meaning that I can't take with me or can't access the internet from where I'm going. In 2010, that was a 10 day long backpacking trip, in 2012 it was a 7 day cruise.

Somehow, this time, because I'll be SO far away from home, it seems much more difficult. I will want to share updates, pictures, and EVERYTHING, and I just know that having to wait till I get home is going to drive me nuts!!!!!

I'm going to be very busy, exhausted, etc., so I will be blogging offline, taking thousands of pictures, and writing out postcards to mail when I can. :)

I leave in a few hours to go start my new job. I don't have time to be nervous!!  But I'm sure several nights in a hotel this week will let it all sink in.

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