Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lessons learned at 33000 feet

Right now I am 5 hours and 4 minutes into this flight. Have traveled 3023 miles. We arent quite halfway.

People are up and running around the plane snd jabbering in languages I don't think I have ever heard before. I think I've slept about half of the trip though not at all comfortably.

The bathrooms are absolutely disgusting already. The sink  is stopped up. The kids traveling 8000 miles by themselves are fighting. The boy is singing Bon Jovi which I just love... he can't be older than 10.

I had an interesting conversation with a man on this flight who is going home.  He said I don't need to worry about my safety much in Arusha. He said he'd worry for my safrty in South America.  Greaaaaaat.

I think its time for another muscle relaxer... we are somewhere over London and have hit crappy weather,

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